Adriana Lear

Bleeding Earth, 2015

Single-channel High Definition video

5 minutes, 24 seconds

16:9, colour, sound

Score composed, performed and produced by Adriana Lear and Zaac Seru (AKA Prolifik the Gifted); mastered by Daniel Pinkerton (66 Music)

Video shot and edited by Adriana Lear and Adam Singer (Switch Q Media)

Costume by Bayvick Lawrance (AKA Bayvick Designs) and Xavier Harvey; HMUA by Vasi Diamond

Featuring Lionel Peterson, Kitione Vasu, Sedona Fox, and Monique Kathleen

With support from Sea Rakaisau (Women Writes Movement), Honorary Consul Louise SR Waterhouse, Consulate General of the Kingdom of Tonga, Sylvie Ellsmore (The Greens NSW), Joos Farrell (Sea Sheppard Australia), Mik Foley (Foreigndub), and Huckleberry Spin.