Bleeding Earth, 2015

Single-channel High Definition video

5 minutes, 24 seconds

16:9, colour, sound

Artist Statement

Bleeding Earth is a love song, and a call to action. It pays homage to the impacts of climate change on Moana Oceania communities, and the political and social imbalances that permit exploitation of the Moana Oceanian region.

Bleeding Earth highlights that for Moana Oceanian people, climate change is about the past, present, and future. The work explores the impact of climate change on the loss of physical and intangible culture by highlighting the role such knowledge plays in creating community, connection, and belonging among the diaspora. The work showcases other Sydney based artists of Moana Oceanian heritage in contributions to costume, music and movement.

Bleeding Earth draws relationships between the female human, the female divine, and the female earth, to confront how we treat the Earth that sustains us. An abandoned warehouse overgrown with natural flora and fauna explores the global interactions between indigenous sustainable practices and modern consumerism. Repetitions of lyrical lines such as ‘take’ and ‘does she think of me?’ express Western attitudes of progress and modernism that ignore environmental impacts and consequences for indigenous cultures and societies.  Images of smoke stacks, oil rigs and water pollution highlight the impact of climate change and globalisation on the environment, Pacific Ocean and carbon emission levels. Dancers display a mix of traditional and contemporary movement to signify the past, present and future generations that are and will be affected by climate change. The call to action is delivered through visual representations of my dual Tongan and Australian background(s), expressing the need to unify – that climate change is a fight for all humanity.

Bleeding Earth features Sydney artists of Moana Oceanian heritage including Zaac Seru (AKA Prolific the Gifted), Bayvick Lawrance (AKA Bayvick Designs), Vasi Diamond, Lionel Peterson, and Kitione Vasu, along with Xavier Love.