Adriana Lear

An-Other, 2018

Mixed media installation | image | sound

90.5 cm x 59.5 cm | 3 minutes, 5 seconds

Curated collage + music score composed, performed and produced by Adriana Lear.


An-Other explores how positions of ‘self’ and ‘Other’ interact with concepts of femininity, female sexuality, and the female body. Eighty-five archival images of Tongan, Samoan, Fijian, and Hawaiian women (1880 to circa 1920s) are interweaved with pieces of mirror, to create a dialogue between the viewer (or the photographer) and the ‘viewed’ (or the photographed). The composition interweaves five live flute parts through atonal melodies, dissonant harmonies, unresolved cadences, harmonics, and percussive flute techniques. The desired affect is discomfort, bringing visibility to histories that are too often silenced, ignored, or discounted.

*Copyright has been approved to the artist for all images used in this work.